Avatar my_compagnons

My_compagnons On 03/06/2010

great drawings here!

f/f added

have a nice day!

Avatar danithomas

Danithomas On 02/06/2010

did you draw it in the plane? great one!

Avatar cerealk

Cerealk On 02/06/2010

i consider this a great compliment comming from you,
i really love your works here, you are amazing man.

By the way, i were in Milano last year, and i visited that gallery you posted before
he he he

greetings from Sevilla, bro!

Avatar ilmiosolosfogo

Ilmiosolosfogo On 02/06/2010

Pazzo scattiato :D

Avatar le_meduse

Le_meduse On 02/06/2010

......me encanta! :)


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