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Happy Birthday Joaquin Antonio Consuelos!

Joaquin Antonio Consuelos was born 8 years ago today in New York City. He is the second son and the third child of actress Kelly Ripa and actor Mark Consuelos.

Joaquin has got a big brother, Michael Joseph (13 1/2 years old), and a big sister Lola Grace (10 years old).

Look how Joaquin has grown up!:

- Joaquin, 19 months old: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/77756967

- Joaquin, 2 years old: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/77756968

- Joaquin, 3 years: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/71973777

- Joaquin,4 years: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/71973779

-Joaquin, 5 years: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/71973781

- Joaquin, 6 years old: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/77756969

- Joaquin's 7th birthday: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/71973782

Happy 8th Birthday Joaquin!

On February 24 2011 74 Views

Avatar kids_peques

Kids_peques On 24/02/2011

happy birthday to him!

Avatar awesomegirlies

Awesomegirlies On 24/02/2011

awwn lo amoo♥
Happy Bday Joaquin♥

Avatar anjalouise2

Anjalouise2 On 24/02/2011

happy birthday joaquin!!!!!!!!


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