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Happy Birthday John Winston Lennon!

Today would have been the 70th birthday of John Lennon.

It's really hard to find the right words to describe John. He was a singer, a composer, a poet, a revolutionary in the absolute best sense of the word, a pacifist, a cute inspiration for millions of people around the world, a very influential person during his time here on Earth... he was a GENIUS.

I don't believe there is any sort of God or life force. I do believe in real people who is making a difference, people who is trying to make our world a little bit better just like John did.

I grew up listening to The Beatles songs, my late grandpa was a huge Beatles fan and so is my mum. My parents named me Laura Lane after their famous song "Penny Lane".
I wish I was alive during the height of his popularity but I know of their music and I consider myself a big Beatles fan.

Today has been a wonderful and emotive day in Liverpool, my birthplace, HIS birthplace, THEIR birthplace. I'm so proud to be a Liverpudlian today!
Early this morning John's first son Julian and his former wife Cynthia unveiled the Peace and Harmony momument in Chavasse Park. The Albert Dock is now illuminated with a giant picture of John. Today has been a day to remember!

I wish John were here today celebrating his 70th birthday, he would have been very happy to know how much we love him.

He left some for us to listen to for the rest of our life. He will live in us forever through his melodies, his lyrics, his songs.

Thanks John for showing us that the world can be a better place to live in, thanks for your music, thanks for reminding us that love is always the answer.

Happy 70th Birthday, GENIUS!

♥Love and Peace for today and forever ♥

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Paxiethien On 10/10/2010

Happy Bday John♥

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Designspregnant On 09/10/2010

Te apetece pasar a este fotolog dedicado a los pregnants.Espero que pases y si quieres puedes pedir quien sea el proximo que pondra Gracias espero que pases.

Avatar designspregnant

Designspregnant On 09/10/2010

Happy Bday John Lennon!

Avatar shilohn0uvel

Shilohn0uvel On 09/10/2010

Happy Bday to John♥♥

Avatar honor_marie

Honor_marie On 09/10/2010

Happy Bday to Lennon♥

Avatar jpmi

Jpmi On 09/10/2010

Felicidades para john

Avatar honor_marie

Honor_marie On 09/10/2010

es hermosoo el collage♥
Happy Bday John♥


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