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Happy Birthday René-Charles Angélil!

René-Charles Angélil was born 12 years ago today in Florida. He is the first son of singer Céline Dion and singer and manager René Angélil.

René-Charles has got two younger brothers, Eddy and Nelson (2 years old).

He speaks both French and English.

Look at how much René-Charles has grown up!:

- René-Charles, 1 month old: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/77510136

- René-Charles, 3 years old: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/77510138

- René-Charles, 7 years old: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/77510142

- René-Charles' 10th birthday: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/77512799

- René-Charles' 11th birthday: http://www.fotolog.com/celebrity_babies/79231031

Happy 12th Birthday René-Charles!

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