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Holiday Black & White Movie Camera with still shot possibility

Its amazing what kind of vintage camera's can be found today.

I cannot remember where or what store I purchased it from. But it works fine if reels can be found with actual film.

''Good Luck!! Because I'm not going to look for any.''

I got the impression this is from the 1960's. While another friend says he believes it was made back in the thirties.

I said to him. Are you sure they had film back then? I know plastic hadn't been brought out until the sixties... or so I thought. He claimed he took JFK's parade down in around Forth Worth Texas when he was shot. And I said:

I thought that happened in Dallas? He said, not him silly' Me!

My reply'

I don't remember being shot! " I don't even remember being born around that time.

And ''yes'' I do have some soap flavor left over from earlier. ''That stuff doesn't wash away easily does it!

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