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St George's Tron church

Another shot from last weekend's Doors Open day in Glasgow, this is the ceiling of St George's Tron church, right in the heart of this large city in a square named after Nelson Mandela (back when he was still a prisoner - damned if I can recall now what that square was called before that) which bisects Buchanan Street, which runs from the nearby Queen St Station down to Argyle Street and is a wide, enormously busy shopping street surrounded by Glasgow's grid-system streets and some cracking architecture, much of it built on huge profits from trading with the Americas and on heavy industry.

I mention this because when the church was built in 1808 it was on the outskirts of the developed city (it actually has roots going back to an earlier church from 1687) and apparently some questioned the wisdom of building a new church structure on the city's edge with fields to one side. Now its right in the middle of the biggest city in Scotland. Its only just re-opened after extensive renovations and they were very welcoming during Doors Open. The pic is lacking sharpness, again would have been better with a tripod and better exposure but I just took it by simply sitting on a chair right underneath and pointing the camera up.

Very sad news today, my friend Colin who I've known since schooldays, contacted me to say his dad had passed away. His dad was my dad's friend since they were boys too - I called him uncle Ian, although he wasn't a family uncle, but you know how it is when you're a kid, parent's friends who are around a lot get called aunt or uncle and I can't think of him any other way. He's been ill for a long time fighting cancer and as most of us probably know the treatment makes the patient feel as sick as the bloody illness more often than not. He was moved to a hospice recently and I think we knew that meant it was coming to the end. The hospice was easier for my dad to reach and he was round to visit his old pal several times a week, sometimes he would be very tired and nod off, a few times they both laughed talking about stupid things they had done as daft laddies. Had to phone dad this afternoon to tell him, which was horrible, even though it was expected. Fortunately I got him just in time as he was planning an early dinner so he could go over to visit again before going to his camera club tonight, which would have been a worse way to find out.

Ian was the sort of character who would have given you the shirt off his back. It would probably have engine oil on it and you wouldn't want it, but he would have given it to you if you needed it :-). Dad said he was in pain and sinking a lot, especially recently, after years of treatment; I hope he's at peace and free of it all now. My heart hurts for my friend and his family and for my dad who's lost a lifelong friend. Its the sort of blow mum, who also rode the bikes in the 60s with dad and Ian, would have helped him deal with, now it will be all the harder. Its horrible that we have to deal with more of this as we get older.

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Avatar marjoriecat

Marjoriecat On 23/09/2009

Dear Joe, so sorry to see your news. Although it was not unexpected it's still bad and hurts when it happens. So good that your Dad could visit your Uncle Ian in his last days, that must have been good for them both.
Thinking about you both.
Love, Patsy

Avatar heiker

Heiker On 23/09/2009

Alzheimer's disease will be the affliction of the masses in the near future and where will we warehouse them all? Not remembering your pain might be both a blessing and a curse!
My best wishes to you all...Chris

Avatar glaciergirl1

Glaciergirl1 On 23/09/2009

A beautiful pic, and a lovely tribute to your family friend. We do indeed seem to lose so much more as we grow older...

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 22/09/2009

like a sun, but a cold sun... a sun made of ice, but still brightly shining in the white air...
it's a pity for your uncle-not uncle. life sometimes is so cruel and we don't have the right words to tell...


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