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goodnight my darling Cassie

Last night I lost my darling old girl, Cassandra, better known as Cassie (aka Cookie Cat for her love of a bit of biscuit or baked goodies like cake and pastry). Almost 17 years old. We lost her gorgeous sister Pandora just over a year ago and only a month after that my wonderful Dizzy puss was taken from us. Now Cassie, the last of my girls. She seemed to be having a small problem on Sunday, made appointment at vet for Monday afternoon, morning she was fine, went to work, came home early to take her to vet and she was much worse, hiding away below the bed, really struggling for air, she had become shockingly worse in just a few hours. Mel helped me take her to the vet appointment and despite an hour of trying oxygen and other treatments she got not better, then the x-rays showed other problems and even if we could deal with one her age meant others would be there too, and she would suffer through them, which I couldn't let happen to her. And so I had to let my darling queen of my heart go, vet let me stay with her until she was gone, holding her and talking to her. Then home to such an empty, quiet flat. It's been so many years since I've not had cats in the home and it feels miserably quiet and alone in here tonight without any of my girls and I hate it, and I miss them so very much. I Can't write any more on it, it's too upsetting, I posted some thoughts on my blog instead http://www.woolamaloo.org.uk/?p=3657

beautiful Cassandra Cassie cat

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Richardseibert On 22/09/2014

So sorry to hear, mate!

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Gertrudsdottir On 23/09/2012

sorry to read such sad news. cherish your memories of her, joe, I do believe you've been such a good and loyal companion to all of your girls !

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Elkstar On 19/09/2012

this is sad. and i know the feeling. ilost several cats-friends in my life....
don't forget her, don't try to substitute her, but surely you deserve an ther cat and there are other cats deserving to be loved. when you'll feel ready...*

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byronv2 On 19/09/2012

I will at some point, later on, probably start going to the same rescue shelter I got my girls from as kittens years ago, but it will be a while before I am up to that. And you are right, you can't replace them, they are all individuals, but yes, there are many animals needing homes and love - sadly more than ever, with the economy many people have given up their cats and dogs to shelters and they all need homes.


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