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The guys from sunday school must not go to their church!

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Dnvngraham On 19/10/2011

According to the 1997 study done by the federal bureau of prisons, only .2% of the prison population is athiest, compared to 8% of the general population.

80% of the prison population is Christian and 80% of the general population is Christian as well.

This means that Christianity has no total impact on the odds of being incarcerated, but being nonreligious means the odds of you being incarcerated are far lower.

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[email protected] On 24/07/2006

I am a producer with UMTV.org. We are producing a short video feature on witty church signs and I found your posts. Can we use them for the story? I would not be able to give credit in the video story but when we do the print piece, we can give you photocredit. Thanks.

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JGHJG On 02/10/2005



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