Avatar brandontiu

Brandontiu On 09/07/2014

admirable close up shot

Avatar mariajudith

Mariajudith On 09/07/2014

Just a simple capture but interesting bro jan! Godbless to you and sis

Avatar lopezgym

Lopezgym On 09/07/2014

Wondefully taken!!!!

Avatar ganzjordan72

Ganzjordan72 On 09/07/2014

Great capture bro

Avatar albamar4k

Albamar4k On 09/07/2014

Awesome noah's aek portrait jan! Well captured!! Hello to you and bff

Avatar shielamariesphil

Shielamariesphil On 08/07/2014

Nice focus jan!! Good eve to you and janeth!

Avatar ariesleo6449

Ariesleo6449 On 08/07/2014

A significant shot !!! Mwaah lovelovelove

Avatar shielamariesphil

shielamariesphil On 08/07/2014

Happy to see you here!!!!!!! Miss you janeth

Avatar albamar4k

albamar4k On 09/07/2014

Where have you been bff! We missed you! Take care!!

Avatar melissacalderon

melissacalderon On 09/07/2014

Yes janeth this is a significant picture for us catholics and who knows the story about noah in the bible old testament. An impressive shot mr broloro!

Avatar kevincornista

Kevincornista On 08/07/2014

Awesome work and nice shot

Avatar mavicgold

Mavicgold On 08/07/2014


Avatar charmaineasilo

Charmaineasilo On 08/07/2014

Well focused

Avatar danielle69

Danielle69 On 08/07/2014

An awesome shot

Avatar honeylou69

Honeylou69 On 08/07/2014

A marvelous capture

Avatar albamar4k

Albamar4k On 08/07/2014

Awesome portrait jan! Good evening to you and bff! Hello bff!

Avatar clairechua

Clairechua On 08/07/2014

Very nice work!!!!!

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