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Fallen soldiers taste the steel of death the daylight dawning
Sun will shine upon the lives of burning hearts of ice
As you break through the boundaries of life this feeling of despair
And they die in their sleep for the world that will not care
You feel lost in this labyrinth of pain this sickening dismay
There's a voice inside that's calling another wasted day

Can't you see the history the suffocating madness
In the land of fallen souls there's nowhere left no place to go
I have traveled far and wide across this wasteland
Still searching for the answers for the right to understand

On January 06 2010 7 Views

Avatar dorianversus

Dorianversus On 14/02/2010

Joven peronista motorizado !!! pasate soy muke xD jajajajajaja
abrazo bro (Y)

Avatar rock_bier

Rock_bier On 09/01/2010

es una foto de la pelicula 2012 ?

jaja no sabia nada el chavon!

Un abrazo papurri..
a ver si nos dejamos de amagues y nos vemos un bien dia de estos!

Avatar nek_2008

Nek_2008 On 09/01/2010

Alto logo men, sos uno de los pocos que sigue en el flog, nos estamos viendo...

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