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Domani & Messiah Harris

Names: Domani Uriah and Messiah Ya'Majesty Harris.

Ages: 10 and 9 years old.

Parents: Clifford Harris (a.k.a. T.I.) and Lashon Dixon.

Siblings: Deyjah, King and Major.

Other facts:

- Their dad is a rapper.

- Their half-siblings Deyjah, King and Major are from their dad's various relationships.

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Avatar bh90210_dylkel

Bh90210_dylkel On 16/03/2011

que lindos salen los dos♥

Avatar dirrty__pop

Dirrty__pop On 15/03/2011

no los conocia
son divinos!

hoy pic de Nelly Ft. Fergie

¨`•.¸¸¤» Dirrty Pop! «¤¸¸.• ´¨

Avatar about_joliepitts

About_joliepitts On 15/03/2011

They are so smiley!

Avatar jpmi

Jpmi On 15/03/2011

que sonrientes
los dos

Avatar benjamina_irene

Benjamina_irene On 15/03/2011

que lindoooos ♥

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