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Lucky & Croix Kyle

Names: Croix Alexander and Lucky Rose Kyle.

Ages: 7 and 6 years old.

Parents: Cedric Kyles (a.k.a. Cedric The Entertainer) and Lorna Wells.

Sister: Tiara.

Other facts:

- Their dad is an actor.

- Their half-sister Tiara is from their dad's previous relationship.

On February 23 2011 30 Views

Avatar dirrty__pop

Dirrty__pop On 23/02/2011

They're cute!
I didn't know them! =(

hoy pic de Mandy Moore ♥

¨`•.¸¸¤» Dirrty Pop! «¤¸¸.• ´¨

Avatar about_joliepitts

About_joliepitts On 23/02/2011

They are so cute!

Avatar footiekids

Footiekids On 23/02/2011

I love Lucky's name, it's so beautiful. Just like her ♥
Croix looks like such a cute little dude. He's going to break lots of hearts haha

Avatar jpmi

Jpmi On 23/02/2011

que guapos son
y que sonriente es la pekeña

Avatar bh90210_dylkel

Bh90210_dylkel On 23/02/2011

que guapo0s nenes

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