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Ava Dash

Name: Ava Dash.

Age: 11 1/2 years old.

Parents: Damon Dash and Rachel Roy.

Siblings: Damon, Lucky and Tallulah.

Other facts:

- Her dad is a hip hop businessman.

- Her mom is a fashion designer.

- Her grandad (Rachel's dad) is from India.

- Her parents split up when she was 9 years old.

- Her half-brothers Damon and Lucky are from her dad's various relationships.

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Avatar dirrty__pop

Dirrty__pop On 21/02/2011

es divina!

Q tengas una hermosa semana! =D

hoy pic de Connie Talbot ♥

¨`•.¸¸¤» Dirrty Pop! «¤¸¸.• ´¨

Avatar about_joliepitts

About_joliepitts On 21/02/2011

She is gorgeous!

Avatar jpmi

Jpmi On 21/02/2011

que guapa q es

Avatar bh90210_dylkel

Bh90210_dylkel On 21/02/2011

Muy guapa Ava

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