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Happy Birthday Shayla Gibson!

Name: Shayla Somer Gibson Mitchell.

Age: 3 years old.

Parents: Tyrese Gibson and Norma Mitchell.

Siblings: None.

Other facts:

- Her dad is singer and actor.

- Her parents split up last year.

On July 11 2010 19 Views

Avatar love_joliepitts

Love_joliepitts On 12/07/2010

Happy birthday Shayla! Tiene unos ojos hermosísimos!

Avatar wetruelife

Wetruelife On 12/07/2010

Feliz Cumpleaños Shayla!
omg tan hermosaa! me encantaron sus ojitos son lindisimos ♥

Avatar jpmi

Jpmi On 11/07/2010

felicidades a la pekeña

Avatar honor_marie

Honor_marie On 11/07/2010

awn no que amorciitaa de babiee♥
Happy Bday cosiitaa hemosa♥

Avatar about_joliepitts

About_joliepitts On 11/07/2010

happy birthday to Shayla!

Avatar puro_kids

Puro_kids On 11/07/2010

awn mas hermosaa bebee♥
happy Bday cosiitaa

Avatar babyplayers

Babyplayers On 11/07/2010

Hoy foto de Pablo Migliore con Santino
Te espero!
Besos ★

Babyplayers ®

Avatar shaki_brasil

Shaki_brasil On 11/07/2010

Awww que divinuraaa y me encanta su nombre!!

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