Avatar syiro

Syiro On 28/01/2014


Avatar gabrielzape

Gabrielzape On 16/01/2014

This is great man, really like your letters. I have them as a reference

Avatar gereg

Gereg On 08/01/2014

That is really awesome ! :)

Avatar bjod

bjod On 11/01/2014


Avatar raptorjezus

Raptorjezus On 05/01/2014

yes!!! hello in the new year man

Avatar bjod

bjod On 07/01/2014

Thanks man! Happy New Year! :)

Avatar micsone

Micsone On 03/01/2014

but not over mine!

Avatar bjod

bjod On 03/01/2014

hahahaha! legal wall create some interesting situations...mine is probably also covered now

Avatar micsone

Micsone On 03/01/2014

Love it

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