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Little pup is scared

there are days like today
there are days
i believe there isn't
such a thing as
language barrier
in where you are
i believe you can feel
it is so hard sometimes
i try to speak to you
not only when it is hard
but today
it is hard
and i'm talking to you
because we're supposed
to remember
days like these
we're supposed to remember
the grieve
the pain
of what's been taking away from us
i used to like these days
i used to like them when there was
no one
to moan for

you're always here
it doesn't matter
i'll keep saying i miss you
and even if i stop
i don't think there'll come a day
where i finally
stop missing you

none of us will

On November 01 2017 at Belleville, New Jersey, United States 38 Views

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