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I`m out of here!

Thank you all for your visits, comments, inspiration and friendship.
And thank you Fotolog for the good times we had here before the bugs and gremlins took over the system.
If you`re looking for my photo`s you can go here:
<A HREF="http://www.flickr.com/photos/henk/" TARGET=_top>http://www.flickr.com/photos/henk/</A>
or here:
<A HREF="http://www.pbase.com/henkbinnendijk/" TARGET=_top>http://www.pbase.com/henkbinnendijk/</A>

See you when I see you,

On December 26 2004 76 Views

Avatar black_y_whiite

Black_y_whiite On 09/10/2008

Te gustan las fotos en Blanco y Negro?
Tienes fotos en Blanco y Negro?
este es tu grupo!
Solo subela a este grupo i agrega a efes:D
Solo con un Click aqui

Avatar andrezinhogeouff

Andrezinhogeouff On 03/03/2005

WOW !!! Amazing!!!!Its looks like the dry soil from Northeastern Brazil. very cool !!!Cya !! Best wishes

Avatar lidia_gfelix

Lidia_gfelix On 02/02/2005

heyt you have a very nice pics, i like this one it doesnt need to be so far for to look very nice, but i really want the another ones, very pacefull

Avatar dogmiss

Dogmiss On 22/01/2005

Moin Henk, assuming that you are of course d`accord...

Avatar waldgeister

Waldgeister On 04/01/2005

Moin Henk, have you tried to upload to flickr the last minutes? The admins are informing about an"overflow" of pictures.....same old story as just left behind here?

Avatar eligero

Eligero On 31/12/2004

Hello Henk! How are you and Joop doing? Have a wonderful new year! Happy 2005!!! :)Take care,Elaine - SP, Brazil

Avatar drivebyshooting

Drivebyshooting On 31/12/2004

Great shot. Come visit me on Flickr too (/drp). I hope you have a really good new year.

Avatar pieplate

Pieplate On 26/12/2004

This is a beautiful but sere pic. I know what you mean about the fotolog sludge, and I also can`t understand why fotolog can`t patrol the cam-kids better. Surely it would be worth it to hire one Portuguese speaker, full-time, to patrol new f`logs and just de-activate ones that were not from where they said they were. I`ll look for you on flickr, where I am still /pieplate.

Avatar mr_walker

Mr_walker On 26/12/2004

but i have to say the growth must stop, or at least slow down, or i`ll be the only diehard left here. 901,000 fotolog accounts and counting. i wonder how many of those are dormant accounts of good people who have left because of problems, replaced tenfold by the narcissists and petulant teenagers?oh, and i thought a bit more about the house metaphor - although i love the place i`m in and have lived there for eight years, in the four years preceding that i lived in about ten different houses. so by that metaphor i`ve a long way to go in web photography, you`re right - i probably won`t be truly satisfied until i`ve built my own house just the way i like it ; )i think this is my reply to your email. better try to upload something now ... one can only try.take care. i`ll look in at the other places.(d`you know, you and joop were among the very first pages i ever looked at on fotolog some 18 months ago? i honestly never thought i could make the kind of friends i`ve met here - or enemies for that matter, but i prefer to dwell on the friends when i can. one day my feet may walk the lowlands, and my eyes scan the horizon for a white bobbing tail ...)

Avatar mr_walker

Mr_walker On 26/12/2004

i was photographing dry cracked earth earlier today as well - at least yours has some sprouts of green in it. is this a metaphor? if it is, i hope the green means your faith may one day grow again.i guess i can understand. i`m starting to reach a similar point, but i`ve a bit more patience yet. i`m planning on writing a long private letter to admin soon, to try and get some real answers about what`s going on. i know there are things they`re not telling us, i`m hoping the secrecy is for good reason (i can think of a few good reasons for such, but i can also think of a few bad ones). as it is i`ve just put a year of gold on one fotolog and six months on another (my credit card just recovered from a period of disuse). if only because i feel iowe them something for the time that has passed. in the meantime i`m considering flickr as an alternate place, but for different purposes. something more like a portfolio ... i`m still mulling over the direction. i`ve always considered fotolog as a fun playground to practice in, iron out wrinkles in presentation and define directions etc (as well as being a wonderful way to meet all kinds of photographers/people - originally it dragged me from a deep artistic depression). i don`t want to startanother like that right now, so until i know for sure i`ll bide my time.


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