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Fast Eddie: You know, like anything can be great, anything can be great. I don't care, BRICKLAYING can be great, if a guy knows. If he knows what he's doing and why and if he can make it come off. When I'm goin', I mean, when I'm REALLY goin' I feel like a... like a jockey must feel. He's sittin' on his horse, he's got all that speed and that power underneath him... he's comin' into the stretch, the pressure's on 'im, and he KNOWS... just feels... when to let it go and how much. Cause he's got everything workin' for 'im: timing, touch. It's a great feeling, boy, it's a real great feeling when you're right and you KNOW you're right. It's like all of a sudden I got oil in my arm. The pool cue's part of me. You know, it's uh - pool cue, it's got nerves in it. It's a piece of wood, it's got nerves in it. Feel the roll of those balls, you don't have to look, you just KNOW. You make shots that nobody's ever made before. I can play that game the way... NOBODY'S ever played it before.

Sarah Packard: You're not a loser, Eddie, you're a winner. Some men never get to feel that way about anything.

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Losh_kls On 10/09/2010


te dejo un temazo del Cerebro (productor) con un par de rappersssss


disco (Simbiosis) que te recomiendo que te descargues...antiguo pero bueno bueno...!!

como mierda nueva nueva....Hermano Ele, Juanma (Alta Escuela...), Swanfyaboy, y perdidito estoy del Spanish R.A.P...jejeje...pero investigaré!

espero que nos veamos pronto!!ABRAZACO

Avatar losh_kls

Losh_kls On 06/09/2010

Guilleeeeeeee....hoy te dejo está joya para que vayas abriendo el apetito...DISCAZO. Mañana MAS.jejejeje


Jugando a Basket en La Vila a topeeeee...ya te enviare pictures...jajajja


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