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Roanoke born


You were born in Roanoke.
We tore paths through milkweed, sand dunes,
plane wrecks to this spot where hair
blows innocence and endless summer.
Not bad for the first time.
Until we started
to sleepwalk and snore.
The work made your voice hoarse
and your t-shirts tight.
Gave us a spot on the couch
and fingers that never lose
their calluses.

And if you'd say I'm disappointed,
I was broke at your age but I'm all right now.
Recalling the crowded Erie shore,
peppered with girls and warning signs.
And if you'd say you don't anything I was here.
I was burned with a shrinking lot
competing with the smell of rotting fish.

Keep your hand on the dollar
and a dime for every pail

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Avatar losh_kls

Losh_kls On 29/08/2010

Regarding ur last picture....en altea hay un chino que se llama "buena suerte" que no está mal del todo tampoco....tengo foto, la buscaré...!!!

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Descubrepelis On 27/08/2010

Pues eso, del mismo director


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