Avatar cheekythegnome

Cheekythegnome On 27/04/2014

Eu gosto deste gato! Ela é muito bonita! meeow! :-) xxx.
dia feliz para você! :-) xxx.

Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 05/04/2014

my biggest cat surprise was when I had a bird warn me first and the middle-sized mountain lion I spooked and awoke in 2006 at Antelope Springs where trilobites are dug up and collected by millions of tourists a year. this cat was only about 175 lbs. but are usually the curious sort, In where they haven't met up with man before. so I was lucky I stayed behind him while he moved upland as I hiked up to a lower degree behind him at a slower speed. so not to make him think I was hunting him or her. while a fiend usually digs up trilobite during the tourists off season in winter -usually by himself. -reddauug-

Avatar leonrdovallejos

Leonrdovallejos On 31/01/2014

Ella no es una felina, pero es hermosa.

Avatar precious2013

Precious2013 On 17/09/2013

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