Avatar sstak

Sstak On 17/04/2012


Avatar vandestraat

Vandestraat On 13/03/2012

mooi gedaan!

Avatar r0ttt

R0ttt On 04/02/2012


Avatar andalltha

Andalltha On 29/01/2012

And I love it!

Avatar andalltha

Andalltha On 29/01/2012

I've seen it!

Avatar earworm

Earworm On 29/01/2012

Tof hé!

Avatar riazone

Riazone On 28/01/2012


Avatar 2dirtyartist

2dirtyartist On 25/01/2012

Vet man, waar staat die? Peace!

Avatar copains_trucs

Copains_trucs On 24/01/2012

salut big daddy gun ! ça va ?

Avatar peinardo

Peinardo On 24/01/2012

nice video !
i was talking of this dude :
playing everyday, all year long, apart on sunday

Avatar salcon

Salcon On 24/01/2012

i love yours monuments!!

Avatar marcel_z_part2

Marcel_z_part2 On 24/01/2012

leip paaltje!

Avatar peinardo

Peinardo On 24/01/2012

exactly ! pigeon blingbling

Avatar gabricabri

Gabricabri On 24/01/2012

Does it have a trong political content or is it a tribute to Jasper Johns? ;-) In any case, it really looks good!

Avatar mad_mmxi

Mad_mmxi On 24/01/2012

een nieuwe zuil van BDG, super!

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