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Fin de semana de Agustina

No sé si seguiré actualizando el material, o irme por el nuevo grupo que tengo pensado hacer con un amigo, ya que tengo problemas de financiar este grupo para que sea gold, el sistema esta caído de AlloPass. :'( Lo más seguro que tendría que cambiar de plataforma de instagram, ya que es gratuito y fácil de usar. Cualquier consulta, estaré atento. La verdad es una gran pena, pero tenemos que seguir trabajando. Gracias Totales :)

Gracias Agustina!!!:D

Si quieres participar por 1 semana en el log, escribenos a [email protected] o agreganos a facebook http://www.facebook.com/bellisimas.descalzas !!!. La idea es mostrar tu belleza y la de tus pies. :D

Que tengan un buen fin de semana!!!

pies pies descalzos funny cute 2014

On October 03 2014 at Libertador General Bernardo O?Higgins, Chile 1114 Views

Avatar blues_with_love

Blues_with_love On 11/12/2014

me pase y no te olvidé!

te dejo mi cariño..cuidalo!

i muchos besitos también




Avatar cachito_de_cielo

Cachito_de_cielo On 30/10/2014


Avatar blues_with_love

Blues_with_love On 16/10/2014

aa cierto vas a cerrar!! :(

bueno cualquier cosita al face! ;)


Avatar blues_with_love

Blues_with_love On 16/10/2014

como andaaas mi love friend!!

te debo las fotos :$

no me mates!!

en la semana me hago un tiempo!!

ye djo besitos y abrazos! ^_^


Avatar emoxkudai

Emoxkudai On 12/10/2014

que rico pie,se ve que es rico

Avatar pcygo

Pcygo On 06/10/2014

tilor de tyg

Avatar aaronaamyx

Aaronaamyx On 05/10/2014

"Yes" I was also locked inside with a chain and padlock on a cage door and entry bar-frame by her. The door going into the barn attached -leads to a growling creature. That sounds big and very enormous. She said if I laid down in the snow and stayed there five minutes she would let me out.

Avatar aaronaamyx

Aaronaamyx On 05/10/2014

That's funny and cute... Two feet riding free on bicycle.

Do you know what my first high school girlfriend did to me that no other man should EVER ALLOW in his lifetime HAPPEN TO HIM?

eSPECIALly in the middle of a wintery deep-snowy field and it snowing around a farm out in a location I do not know and even of my where-a-bouts until she finds the cars keys still in the ignition of my mustang ll after we left all our clothes in the car while we walked around a barn in the midnight dark in four feet deep snow at the ages of 14 and 18. (she being the youngest) and we both left school early due to hyper-kinetics and super genius insanity in us both. And with no flashlight and no matches or even candle light. She drives off after leaving me inside a strange cyclone fenced area with the height at 7' and I hear something sleeping behind the only doorway leading out of that pen. "This takes place in Springeville of Utah in 1983. "She said her uncle that owned this farm caught a live bear and didn't mention where he put it before living me. She also mentioned that before we left a diner in the town of Payson at 12:30AM and as she took-off. She honked the horn and I begin to hear a growing sound next. [Want me to finish this one story tomorrow?] You don't want to miss it whatso-ever! "Is it a Bear, Moose, Two Big Hungry Dogs, or a Different Animal all together...? {{{Most grown-ups say Utah is to warn for Grizzlies or Wolverine and Wolves}}} "Yes" I was pure naked!

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