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This log is intended to display funny or interesting graffiti that is found exclusively IN THE BATHROOM. Let`s try not to get too offensive..

Please observe the TOS. Anything else will be deleted.

Please only 3 posts per person per day.

Thanks and have fun!!

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On December 31 2005 890 Views

Avatar cookiedancer

Cookiedancer On 25/06/2005

Only bathrooms, an interesting concept. I designed the tiles in mine and am really quite proud of them.Actually I didn`t design the tiles themselves, only the configuration which replaced some dirty carpet which I intend to replace also.

Avatar ektorfamilly

Ektorfamilly On 04/01/2005

u welcome : www.hii-goor.com

Avatar huhuhu

Huhuhu On 04/01/2005

the one you deleted!

Avatar susu__

Susu__ On 04/01/2005

<A HREF="http://www.fotolog.net/agusperalta1/?pid=9401469" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.net/agusperalta1/?pid=9401469</A>

Avatar shuggy

Shuggy On 03/01/2005

which one was yours?

Avatar retribution

Retribution On 03/01/2005

was my upload offensive??????????????


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