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[i]368º pik.[/i]:

Sometimes I think about you
when you're far away from me.
Sometimes I dream about us
just feeling free.
This time we'll be together
dancing through the night.
This is my chance to say:
If u could b here
every breath I'll take with you.
If u could b here
I will know it's all true.
If u could b here
everything will be alright
If you could be here...

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On February 02 2010 19 Views

Avatar anamcara

Anamcara On 03/03/2011

no, vos

Avatar cerrajero

Cerrajero On 08/03/2010

Usted es Lord Bardiel.

Avatar cedarstare

Cedarstare On 10/02/2010

Habra luna llena ._.


Avatar ianth

Ianth On 04/02/2010

me gustó la letra de la canción :)

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