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You do when you realize you've

You do when you realize you've lost something let's say they are about to go to dinner and you realize that you lost your keys what do you do exactly you sir frantically searching for keys and the only thing on your mind is find your keys even if you have a spare set the whole time here at dinner thinking about where you left your keys that you can find them well what do you think happened subconsciously when you spend months or even years losing weight right again you're going to want to find it think about it whenever you lose something the search to find it well the same thing was losing weight once you lose it subconsciously you're going to want to find it so far here on out and then we can refer to as week release and I strongly encourage you to do the same I don't mean it seem like a big deal right but it is think about it just for a second only really something we're letting it go forever never to be seen again and I think we can both agree that when she released her weight and create your ideal body you're never going to want to see that weight again or hate look these are just a couple examples of how powerful are mines are and how we have just sent I'm committed time reprogramming our minds for waterleaves please understand no reprogram your brain properly really is a process as much as you want it to happen instantly an overnight.


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