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hello! tanto tiempo verdad? jajaja si! bueno para los que a un vicitan este log! les comunico que estoy bien , viva a un jajaja , ke ya no vivo en pte alto para que no me vallan a ver que vivo en la pintana ahora! que estoy feliz mente pololiando con el amor de mi vida! :D PEDRO BRYAN BECERRA NARVAEZ! y que soy feliz junto a el! :D



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Cindy001 On 17/03/2015

Hi,Thank Dear My name is Miss Cindy. I saw your profile, nice to meet you today my first time here hope we can share things by knowing each other the more, here is my email ([email protected]) please can you contact me through my email address, so i can send u my pictures.
Miss Cindy Evans.
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_____(_________(_____( ★
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Ru2000 On 21/06/2012

Hello My Love,
My name is miss Ruth dickson i saw your profile today and become interested in you.i will like you to contact me through my private email ([email protected])so that i can send you my pictures and also tell you more about my self.this is my contact ([email protected])
yours lovely Ruth

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Jessicawalove On 10/06/2012

Sweetie use this email [email protected] address and reply me direct to mail box let me send yolu my pictures for us to know each other,

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Mercy2012333 On 05/06/2012

My name is miss mercy
l saw your profile today
and after going through
i made up my mind to contact
you as my friend so l will
like you to write back to me
through my privet email so
that i can send you more
of my pictures for you to
know whom am ok
([email protected])

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Preciouslove111 On 10/04/2012


am miss precious,please contact me back on this id ([email protected] )
there is something i want to share with u and also give you my pictures
thank you.( [email protected])

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100001945204371 On 15/07/2011

mi washa cualquierotime sin saber de ti.. =( espero que estes biien nose si te acordai de mi.. puta si teni msn agrega [email protected]
Soi la karla.. cuidate... *-*


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