Avatar auralee

gash on the temple and bruise on the face. oh, and blood that isn't mine. gross.

thank you, gordon solie motherfuckers.

listening to: hep cat - the region.

On May 25 2007 10 Views

Avatar deia22

Deia22 On 03/08/2007

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Avatar mati10

Mati10 On 29/07/2007

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Avatar a_solas

A_solas On 03/06/2007

heyyyycoolpic:Di donŽtknow how i ended herehehehetake careING

Avatar debordalwayshere

Debordalwayshere On 28/05/2007

uh oh sorry, i haven't checked this for ages.no i haven't designed it myself, i guess the girl who got us the show did it.

Avatar konras

Konras On 27/05/2007

on that picture was my father, me, my grandpa and my siskissKOn

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