Avatar ashtray_dirt

Some people are gonna be really hard to leave behind.

My uncle Webbon passed away in Philly last weekend. It may have been fowl play, it was the first time I ever heard my dad cry.

R.I.P Uncle Webbon.

My sister was hand picked by Missy Elliot to be the new model for some addidas clothing line.


On April 05 2007 8 Views

Avatar skyrat

Skyrat On 08/04/2007

Sorry to hear about your uncle, babe.I know that kind of things hard.Hope you're doing okay.

Avatar revolver__

Revolver__ On 06/04/2007

Aww, im sorry jeneve!< 3

Avatar bleedingkiss

Bleedingkiss On 06/04/2007

Everything Sarah said and all of my love, to you and your family.

Avatar mohawk_bloodclot

Mohawk_bloodclot On 06/04/2007

RIP to your uncle. Seeing dads cry is probably one of the hardest things in the world. I send my sympathies :( *hugs*

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