Avatar ashtray_dirt

This is Jaikob!
He's one of the amazing people I met when I moved to invermere.
He does AMAZING artwork.

I'm really gonna miss Jaik, Korrina, Cori, Joe, Sam,Rio, Colton, Taylor, Justine, Shaun,Ian,Luke, and maybe even Gerry.

On March 04 2007 7 Views

Avatar skyrat

Skyrat On 06/03/2007

Ofcourse I was thinking about your boobs!How've you been gorgeous?! From the sounds of things - pretty well. I'm glad :)

Avatar thelindsay

Thelindsay On 05/03/2007

Haha shucks! Harlem seems badass. They probably wouldn't like me there.

Avatar revolver__

Revolver__ On 04/03/2007


Avatar spiral_out

Spiral_out On 04/03/2007

is Gerry the guy that owns that ice cream place in invermere?

Avatar oi_toy

Oi_toy On 04/03/2007

Yeah, I was nervous at first too, but once you get there you'll never want to leave. I can't wait to go back, it's so much different actually living there than just visiting. It's soo much fun. :)

Avatar second_heartbeat

Second_heartbeat On 04/03/2007

ps. that comment above was from Cara!

Avatar second_heartbeat

Second_heartbeat On 04/03/2007

Yeah dude what the hell hey!Haha just gimmie a call next time your in town and we can hang out! :)I'm super jealous that you get to live in Harlem! Haha lucky!

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