Avatar ashtray_dirt

another picture of my sister...and a bunch of her friends.

Waiting on my passport!!
just 2 months and a bit left...

On February 26 2007 7 Views

Avatar oi_toy

Oi_toy On 02/03/2007

You're gonna LOVE it in New York. I was living there for a couple months a while ago in Washington Heights, which is north of Harlem. It's such a great city, I'm sure you'll really like it. Good luck! =)

Avatar ineedlunch

Ineedlunch On 28/02/2007

RIGHT!wow that's so exciting I am so happy for you you probably have no idea how much haha

Avatar crushxem

Crushxem On 27/02/2007

Your sisters friends look fucking PIMMMMP!

Avatar anoukscurlz

Anoukscurlz On 26/02/2007

i wandered around and found a fotolog i liked Bye

Avatar thelindsay

Thelindsay On 26/02/2007

I like her dress, good luck on moving :)

Avatar ineedlunch

Ineedlunch On 26/02/2007

where are you going with your passport?

Avatar thefako

Thefako On 26/02/2007


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