Avatar ashtray_dirt

This is where I'm gonna be in may... the apartment is close to the apollo theater!!
Time to start my new life!!

On January 29 2007 8 Views

Avatar revolver__

Revolver__ On 05/02/2007

shiiiiiiiiit, that owns jeneve!

Avatar inbred

Inbred On 31/01/2007

holy hannah...

Avatar skyrat

Skyrat On 31/01/2007

Wow. I'm jealous!

Avatar wabam

Wabam On 31/01/2007

this is most definately doable

Avatar crushxem

Crushxem On 30/01/2007

Call me on my cell when your in town.

Avatar crushxem

Crushxem On 30/01/2007

Not sure yet dude, we should hang out though!

Avatar sproutie

Sproutie On 29/01/2007


Avatar popples

Popples On 29/01/2007

that is fucking sweet!

Avatar crushxem

Crushxem On 29/01/2007

Good for you Jeneve!Good luck! =)

Avatar broken_youth

Broken_youth On 29/01/2007

thats awesome man! i wish u all the best

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