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This is kryss....my sister.
For years we weren't allowed any communication at all, and now we finally can.
This past week has been intense. I found out I have 4 siblings and a neice and nephew.
All of this news has really helped me figure out what I'm gonna do next.
When I first moved to invermere I wasn't sure what I was gonna do....at all. It was an impulse decision.
I needed to get away from the city to figure my shit out.
Kryss was just signed to loudmouth entertainment and she is on her way up in the modelling industry.
She recently asked me to go out there....To MOTHERFUCKING NEW YORK CITY!!...the city of dreams.
So I have decided that as soon as I finish upgrading my schooling in invermere I'm gonna pack up and go to NYC!! I'm gonna see if I can get some kinda reconition for myself with the help of my sister. Or atleast just have the time of my life . I have alot of living to do.
happy new year everybody!
cheers to new beginnings!

On January 07 2007 9 Views

Avatar night_born

Night_born On 22/01/2007

Shiet son.

Avatar bleedingkiss

Bleedingkiss On 08/01/2007

Jeneve, I'm so proud of how far you have come.I'm so happy you're finally figuring this shit out.Happy new year baby.

Avatar crushxem

Crushxem On 07/01/2007

When are you coming to Calgary again?

Avatar crushxem

Crushxem On 07/01/2007

This is wicked news dude and thanks! =)

Avatar revolver__

Revolver__ On 07/01/2007

holy shit dude! fuckin new york! that rules.and thanks! what are you getting done to your hair?and we definitely will get wasted with our nice hair hahaha

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