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Avatar allaya_

Allaya_ On 29/12/2006

a pampa

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Useless_disegno On 03/11/2006

We’re realizing a video documentary about Street Art, we’re looking for material, and asking everyone, common people, artists, creatives, to collaborate with enthusiasm and send us as much material as possible, anything spanning from video, audio, photographic documents about underground and with particular attention to anything regarding the urban art.Any independent pubblication, film, photo, music and animation made by street artist is well accepted.Video and photographic material can also come from anyone else.The video will be projected for a year inside the Galata-MuMa Museum in Genoa.The deadline for sending us the material is November 20th.You can send your photographic material, and a confirmation for taking part in the project to:[email protected] the selected participants will be inserted in the video’s credits with names and contacts.Thank You for the attentionFor more info: [email protected]

Avatar opane

Opane On 02/10/2006

waarom upload je hier dan dezelfde yo. da's ook niet spannend voor de mensen die doorverwezen worden.maar ok, tis wel een erg lekker plaatje.

Avatar sopa000

Sopa000 On 01/10/2006

welcome back!


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