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Arsitek Desain Rumah, Bangun Rumah, Renovasi Rumah, Bongkar Rumah, Bedah Rumah. Gambar Rumah, Denah Rumah, Model Rumah, Sketsa Rumah, Layout Rumah yang sering ada di Majalah Rumah atau Tabloid Rumah. Ditangani oleh arsitek terkenal dan berpengalaman, dengan tenaga tukang bangunan yang terlatih dan professional. Anda mau bangun rumah baru ? Silahkan menuju website ini <A HREF="http://www.bangun-rumah.com" TARGET=_top>http://www.bangun-rumah.com</A>

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  • interiors


    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing the inside of your home (or any interesting interior you`d like to post!). Please upload via the link under the title of this log. Thanks.

  • ikea


    Here you can upload pictures of your most prized or despised IKEA items in and around "the home".
    Also stories of IKEA expeditions, mishaps, assembly and transportation problems are encouraged.
    This log wants to chronicle how the world has become IKEANIZED all over and how this affects our feelings, our emotions and our thinking.
    *All things, large and small are welcome.

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