Avatar ariesleo6449

fiesta celebration in my beloved province

One of the schools band members ....

On September 18 2014 at Tacloban, Philippines 60 Views

Avatar aikagarcia

Aikagarcia On 18/09/2014

A nice capture friend!! Goodluck and im still hoping you know it!!!! Goodnight!!!

Avatar danielle69

Danielle69 On 18/09/2014

I guess these lovely ladies perform well! Nice shot!! How is broloro fotolog why no post lately??

Avatar melissacalderon

Melissacalderon On 18/09/2014

Marvelous shot my friend and i love the green uniform of the band!!

Avatar albamar4k

Albamar4k On 18/09/2014

Wow very beautiful picture of young students and awesome attire!! Thank you bff for posting!!! I missed the fiesta!! How is jan?? Praying for you both!!

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