Avatar roseyaklove

Roseyaklove On 21/04/2014


My name is Rose Ebue, am a girl and please i really want
to be your good friend, i hope that you will grant my request with good
faith, thanks and i really care, you can have my private e-mail address
below and please write to me to my e-mail address and i will send you my
pictures i promise you with my good heart, just feel free and write to
me with my private e-mail address below and we will talk very well.

( [email protected] )

thanks and please bear with me.
God bless.

Avatar cevia2014

Cevia2014 On 19/04/2014

Hello dearest friend,

I am Miss Cevia Tanba I wish to be your friend please I will be happy if you can reply me in my
email ([email protected]) I have something for you OK and nice photos too
hope to see your reply on my email
bye,am God bless you.([email protected])

Avatar janren12

Janren12 On 12/01/2014

is there a correction on nanays picture tatay??

Avatar albamar4k

albamar4k On 17/01/2014

I cannot notice the correction because im hungry when I see these delicious foods .. my regards to your dad and mom janren12

Avatar amarialilia42

Amarialilia42 On 11/01/2014

maam very delicious foods you prepared!!nice picture!! no internet in tacloban??i heared the smart and globe is down??

Avatar micky33

Micky33 On 08/01/2014

so there are places in
the Philippines that
were devastated by
storm, but still have
food. Happy Newyear
from Holland and I really
hope you will never ever
have such a disaster again

Avatar ariesleo6449

ariesleo6449 On 09/01/2014

thank you mickey for the comment...this place where i took the picture is my aunts house in borongan , still normal and have food because they were not devastated by typhoon haiyan. Me and my son evacuated after the typhoon to escape from hunger and home washed away by the typhoon in palo leyte.. Hope and pray that this kind of typhoon will never come back in our place and in the whole world.God bless us all!!

Avatar rosemary1112

Rosemary1112 On 08/01/2014

Hello nice to meet you,
How are you today? i hope you are very fine i wish to be your friend
as i really liked your profile here on the site! please kindly contact
me through my email id ([email protected]) so i will be able
to send you my photos and tell you more about myself ok?

yours new friend rosemary

Avatar danielle69

danielle69 On 09/01/2014


Avatar melissacalderon

Melissacalderon On 08/01/2014

very nice and clear shot janeth!

Avatar melissacalderon

Melissacalderon On 08/01/2014

very nice and clear shot janeth!

Avatar janren12

Janren12 On 08/01/2014

very fine capture of my favorite foods and thank you for cooking spaghetti for me!!!you are the best mom!!!

Avatar melissacalderon

melissacalderon On 08/01/2014

i admire your moms talent in cooking!! i wish i was invited on new years day hehehe

Avatar ariesleo6449

ariesleo6449 On 09/01/2014

thank you melissa hahaha next time i will invite you !!

Avatar ariesleo6449

ariesleo6449 On 10/01/2014

thank you my son! im doing my best!!! love you!!

Avatar kevincornista

Kevincornista On 03/01/2014

Delicious foods cousin i wish i was there!!! Happy 2014

Avatar aprilrose46

Aprilrose46 On 03/01/2014

wow!! i know aunts thought of preparing these foods for you and your son!! you are so lucky you are loved!! happy for you!!

Avatar brandontiu

Brandontiu On 03/01/2014

impressive capture

Avatar aikagarcia

Aikagarcia On 02/01/2014

Wow i love lechon hehehe wheres your adobo?? I know you cooked most of the food here!! Miss you and regards to you and dr jan!!

Avatar lopezgym

Lopezgym On 02/01/2014

A great capture janeth!!! I wish you the best for 2014 and take care!!

Avatar danielle69

Danielle69 On 02/01/2014

Wonderful picture of foods!! Well done janeth and happy new year to you both!

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