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fiesta celebration in my beloved province

One of the schools band members ....

On September 18 2014 at Tacloban, Philippines 231 Views

Avatar lesbiano_mal

Lesbiano_mal On 14/10/2015

hey amazing!

Avatar ariesleo6449

ariesleo6449 On 23/10/2015

Thank you!!!

Avatar micky33

Micky33 On 24/09/2014

very beautiful picture !

Avatar ariesleo6449

ariesleo6449 On 25/09/2014

Thank you mickey , a pleasant day to you and your family!!!!

Avatar scorpionights96

Scorpionights96 On 24/09/2014

This is indeed an awesome capture auntie, more pictures to look forward to!! Hi buddy!! What happened to uncle jans fotolog?? See you this coming break!

Avatar ariesleo6449

ariesleo6449 On 25/09/2014

Hi lance, broloro is busy he will be back soon i hope, thank you for following him here in fotolog. Be good always!!

Avatar aprilrose46

Aprilrose46 On 24/09/2014

Wow nice photoshoot my dear!!! You got jans talent lol!!Regards to him !! What happened to fotolog broloro?? Good morning!!

Avatar honeylou69

Honeylou69 On 24/09/2014

Beautiful ladies and nice shot !!!!

Avatar mariajudith

Mariajudith On 20/09/2014

You got a nice shot here sis!! I miss the fiesta! Godbless to you both, still hoping. Robert extends his warm regards to you...

Avatar aikagarcia

Aikagarcia On 18/09/2014

A nice capture friend!! Goodluck and im still hoping you know it!!!! Goodnight!!!

Avatar danielle69

Danielle69 On 18/09/2014

I guess these lovely ladies perform well! Nice shot!! How is broloro fotolog why no post lately??

Avatar ariesleo6449

ariesleo6449 On 25/09/2014

Thank you for following broloro always, maybe soon he will be back.. thank you so much!!

Avatar melissacalderon

Melissacalderon On 18/09/2014

Marvelous shot my friend and i love the green uniform of the band!!

Avatar albamar4k

Albamar4k On 18/09/2014

Wow very beautiful picture of young students and awesome attire!! Thank you bff for posting!!! I missed the fiesta!! How is jan?? Praying for you both!!

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