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Can anyone recognize this piece? It was also a palette.

The palette was used to make one specific ~reddauug~ illusion for a fotolog stranger I met in 2013 in the beginning. Several photos were used out of an album of various photos I took throughout many years. Plus I'll shortly list an American Fork Bear Surprise I came in contact with when I had to use the slide sprocket on my pocket camera in 1982 to catch the surprise a mother bear was going to give me before I jumped off a cliff and landed in a knee deep duck pond and state park there.

It will be of two photos. and I'll list them shortly in a day or two. Allergies are eating me through.

fall destroyed me bear surprise mother bear 2 cubs pocket camera duck pond splash american fork utah palette pallet colordecor crash dummy me 2014 1982 Utah Funny & Dangerous Dangerous Fall I fell 100' feet to escape bear

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