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~Dark Passion Play's release~

Today, after nearly 2 years of waiting, of changing the singer and having tons of doubt, the new Nightwish album is being released today! And after too many listenings, I must say it's one of my favourite ones!!! Not only the voice chosen (Anette Olzon's) fits amazingly in the new sound that Tuomas and the rest of the guys are producing, but also the lyrics, the music itself, is more complex, but it's still Nightwish!!! I find it hard to describe it

I'd say for every old Nightwish fan to give it a try (but not only 1 listening, but a few ones... it's not an album with an easy listening) and also i'd recommend the album to people who simply like metal... they won't be dissapointed

And btw, Nightwish are the reason why I started learning finnish!!! Such a beautiful language ^^

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