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Neon com síndrome de avestruz!

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Arwal60 On 21/09/2006

The Nean tetra -Paracheirodon innesiOrigin in PeruThe neon tetra is by far one of the best community fish there is on the market. Kept in a school of 6 or more, these little guys are an awesome spectacle swimming around the aquarium and chasing each other back and forth. Neons are extremely peaceful and rather small, therefore shouldn't be kept with very large fish which might find it an appetizing meal. In my experience with neons they tend to be an adaptable fish which can tolerate a pH of 5.0 but it is best to have pH of about 7.0. Also, they feed on the basic flake food but should also get occasional feedings of tubifex worms and frozen brine shrimp. A feeding of live foods once in a while is also suggested but not neccessary. When kept under good conditions the neon tetra is a beautiful and awesome addition to any community aquarium.

Avatar arwal60

Arwal60 On 21/09/2006

A nice flog but I think you should try to give the names of the fish (and if possible add a little english :-) Just some thoughts :-)

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Britta_585 On 21/09/2006

Neon are so nice

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Cebenny On 21/09/2006

higreat color fishbenny


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