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AQSIQ Certificate service

AQSIQ Certificate service
Today let’s discuss how to fill out China AQSIQ certificate application form
(Note: part of info will be provided by us on the form, here I will share main content have to be completed by waste materials enterprises).
Full name: Application Form for Provisional Registration of Overseas Supplier Enterprises of Imported Scrap Materials
Application number: After we applied AQSIQ on electronic management system, then will get this number, suppliers do not need to provide it while filling out the form
Name of Enterprise: Which shown on your company business registration document
Registered Address: This address have to be shown on your company registration document.( It may not your real office address, maybe your account agency’s add)
Office Address(Actual working location): Office address should be the same with address on the ISO9001 license, it’s your real office address. Your company photos have to show office address info.(Door number, Road sign, Street name and so on)
Legal Representative: the person’s name has to be shown on your company documents
AQSIQ/CCIC/ISO9001 Service
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