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Happy new year, my friends!

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Aishatujallow On 12/07/2017

Hello.. I am Aishatu originally from Somalia but presently living in
Togo. I am 24 years old. Had to move togo because my late father was a
gold dealer before he was poison by my uncle and last my mom when i
was 19 yrs old. My late father was a famous gold dealer accross east
africa and west africa. I am the only child and my father deposited
total amount of seven million eight hundred thousand with a security
company here in Togo before he died and i been the only child is the
inheritant. Upon arriving here in Togo, i did not know anyone so i
had to move to a refugee camp here while working how to get my
inheritant release to me. The security company are now telling me that
before the fund can be release to me, that i must present a foreign
beneficiary that will help me receieve the fund outside Togo. That is
why i am contacting you to see if we can get to know each and also
work together with trust. I can no longer trust the people around me
since my father poison and prefer to tranfer the fund outside africa
and invest.My private email is; [email protected]

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Cannybiz On 03/04/2014



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Rayazb On 16/05/2013

NICE TO MEET YOU. my name is raya. here is my privet e-mail'( [email protected] ) i will like to know you more. so that i can send you my picture and my detail's for you to know me more so I am waiting for your mail to my email address below. please don't chat me here just send me mail and i will get back to you with love

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Lolodagrota On 23/08/2012


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By: Talula

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Gooddy On 03/07/2012


My name Goodness but my friends called me Gooddy
so you can call me by that if you wish.
today when i was browsing on www.fotolog.com i saw your profile
and i like it so much,so i decided to drop a note for you.
and i believe that we can write together as friends
you can email me with the bellow email address so that
i will send you my picture and also tell you more about my self
have a nice day

[email protected]

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Urban_alphabet On 09/05/2012


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Suczyroz On 01/05/2012

happy half year :p

Avatar omsy

Omsy On 10/04/2012

По приколу ваще))

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Swatgraff On 28/02/2012


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Lakiery On 26/02/2012


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Zuloo On 18/02/2012

slr slr

Avatar zuloo

Zuloo On 18/02/2012

slr slr

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K0errr On 07/02/2012


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Klokan On 05/02/2012

perfect wall !

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Kep0 On 02/01/2012

HNY :)

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