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Old Skull 7/8: This skull was sent to me by TXMX from Hamburg. Thanks to him! You can visit his website which documents graffiti and urban art: <A HREF="http://www.txmx.de/graffindex.html" TARGET=_top>http://www.txmx.de/graffindex.html</A>

This theme-week is about skulls seen in the streets. I`m always happy about links and contributions which go with the theme! Well, a new week started today, but I`ll upload tomorrow a last skull.

Take care, A*

On March 14 2005 2 Views

Avatar fxxxy

Fxxxy On 17/03/2005

hey antonia alles klar?hier noch ein skull fuer dein sammlung :)<A HREF="http://www.stickernation.net/images/photos/big_22200208024.jpg" TARGET=_top>http://www.stickernation.net/images/photos/big_22200208024.jpg</A>

Avatar dave1

Dave1 On 16/03/2005

ass fucker

Avatar posterchild

Posterchild On 14/03/2005

Yeah, this skull series is awesome!Such a small skull, I love that someone took the time to draw it.

Avatar codex1

Codex1 On 14/03/2005

Nice series! Greetz

Avatar lukedaduke

Lukedaduke On 14/03/2005

I dig this skull, as well as the Gould skulls from a couple of days ago...


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