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Old Skull 5/7: This is a skull by GOULD next to a beautiful STASI tag. (The secret service of East Germany has been called "Stasi". I haven`t seen any other STASI tags?!)

This theme-week is about skulls seen in the streets. I`m always happy about links and contributions which go with the theme! I hope you enjoy the week!

Thanks to RINKVELD for this foto!

For more by GOULD check:
<A HREF="http://www.stickernation.net/seen.asp?frmName=gould" TARGET=_top>http://www.stickernation.net/seen.asp?frmName=gould</A>
<A HREF="http://www.km4042.de/index.php?category=interviews&subCategory=&page=16" TARGET=_top>http://www.km4042.de/index.php?category=interviews&subCategory=&page=16</A>
<A HREF="http://www.fotolog.net/antoniaschulz/?photo_id=9565012" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.net/antoniaschulz/?photo_id=9565012</A>

On March 12 2005 6 Views

Avatar szwedzki

Szwedzki On 13/03/2005

wooow, nice flog..tag and skull too..add u!

Avatar cloudythrow

Cloudythrow On 12/03/2005

that tag is hot..

Avatar _g_

_g_ On 12/03/2005

should i tag KGB in Moscow, CIA in Washington or DST in Paris now ? :)

Avatar bitchesincontrol

Bitchesincontrol On 12/03/2005

<A HREF="http://www.off-corso.nl/2002/home/exhibitions/exhibitions.php" TARGET=_top>http://www.off-corso.nl/2002/home/exhibitions/exhibitions.php</A>

Avatar bitchesincontrol

Bitchesincontrol On 12/03/2005

hey antonia hier noch ein skull fuer dich :)

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Cc_16 On 12/03/2005

definitly he is an artist!

Avatar above_all

Above_all On 12/03/2005

<A HREF="http://www.fotolog.net/above_all/?pid=10076441" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.net/above_all/?pid=10076441</A>


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