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- If you feel stressed take a few moments out. Just watch and be aware of your breathing. Breathe naturally and gently; this will have a very powerful, calming influence on your mind. When you breathe in, feel that you are breathing in inner peace. When you breathe out, feel you are exhaling all your anxieties and worries. Relaxation can be this simple – it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. -

One day a get there …
follow link to Rinze van Brug > My Photograph Diary Amazing fashion photographer that I just found out :D

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am miss precious,please contact me back on this id ( [email protected] )there is
something i want to share with u and also give you my picture.thank you.( [email protected])

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    What is texture?
    Texture goes beyond mere pattern or form into something more complex and organic that you could touch, feel and maybe even identify with your eyes closed if your hand were big or small enough. These are visual representations of a non-visual sense: touch.

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