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Avatar angelicstar

Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier

I dressed up as Sheryl Nome at the Grand International Cosplay Ball in London for my stage performance, which was to sing "Diamond Crevasse" live.
I decided on Sheryl for the Ball after going through a few other options because ultimately my love for the Macross series, as well as Yoko Kanno's music for Frontier, won over.

The costume is from the 2nd Opening song, "Lion" - I opted for it because the color scheme matched and because it fit perfectly underneath the overdress. I made the bodice, which is lined, reinforced and boned, as well as the skirt and accessories. Sheryl's skirt is a simple circle skirt from what I can tell but I made it into a 3 tier skirt for the stage. I really like it this way.
The flower on her collar is supposed to be red, but because I wanted to match it to another outfit I wore on the same night, I kept it purple.
The rose wrist cuff were also hand made instead of using gloves because I had to hold a microphone and was afraid of it slipping on gloves.

Lastly, I also made Sheryl's signature earring using various beads, cubic zirconium and jewelry findings which took a lot of running around to find. I am still improving on the elements of it.

You can see a video of the Ball including parts from my performance here:

On January 16 2009 1210 Views

Avatar cosplayfail

Cosplayfail On 16/12/2009


Avatar witchiko

Witchiko On 20/01/2009

Lolll Sheryl good cosplay....I love macross...I made Ranka Lee:

I from brazil...and love your cosplays....kissus

*sorry my poor english*

Avatar aft_wero

Aft_wero On 19/01/2009

hello my friend you look great!!

Avatar yune_kris

Yune_kris On 19/01/2009

GORGEOUS as always Yaya! *O*

Avatar videlcosplay_cg

Videlcosplay_cg On 19/01/2009

I love your wig. It's so pretty!!!

Avatar durkheim80

Durkheim80 On 18/01/2009

Muy buen Flog. lo conoci por las imagenes de los Steampunk, pero me sorprendio en su totalidad.

Avatar majinmarote

Majinmarote On 18/01/2009

IŽve seen the video, and your performance was very good ! Any projects for other costumes of Sheryl ??

Avatar pretty_lacus

Pretty_lacus On 17/01/2009

hola!!! adoro tu trabajo, y me pareces una chica muy muy agradable, me gustaria ser tu amiga!! saludos

Avatar listhebushi

Listhebushi On 17/01/2009

Heyy, there are a fotolog group about steampunk! ;)

Add to f/fs, if you like it. -I love your costume with Danny.

Avatar zero_the_king

Zero_the_king On 17/01/2009

perfect as always! would i do another macross cosplay from another character from its series? macross 7, plus or the original series? that can be great n_n HAPPY 2009

Avatar nexzone

Nexzone On 17/01/2009


Avatar twins_cool

Twins_cool On 17/01/2009

awwww so cute aaaaa i love yaya :3

Avatar elvagodevoz

Elvagodevoz On 16/01/2009

wow the video is amazing hehehe and sing very well, I like to go out in a video hahahahaha just go on television in the magic of cable from a friend XD

see you later

Tato el MagO_Otaku was here

Avatar moondestiny

Moondestiny On 16/01/2009

I'm brazillian but I live in Japan..
Well, I have one cosplay of Sheryl Nome too..I love her..
And I just love your outfit!*-*
I'm watching you on Deviantart too...I'm "ritual-winds"
You have a great costumes...


Avatar karma_thanatos

Karma_thanatos On 16/01/2009

great cosplay!!!!



beautiful *O*


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