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Steampunk Madam

Costume made by me, fan by Outland Armour! I really like the green brocade I found for this outfit, and the trims and ruffles. I definitely will be making more Steampunk themed costumes in the future!

On December 29 2008 86 Views

Avatar cosplayfail

Cosplayfail On 16/12/2009


Avatar eyesofvenus

Eyesofvenus On 31/12/2008


you rock =3

Avatar matadero5

Matadero5 On 31/12/2008





Avatar nekonep

Nekonep On 31/12/2008

is very beautiful!! you are so gorgeus!! i wish a happy new year!! i send you hugs and kisses!!

Avatar listhebushi

Listhebushi On 30/12/2008

Very nice and elegant!! I love this ban!! I'm steampunk too ;P

Avatar twins_cool

Twins_cool On 29/12/2008

:3 so cool i love you cosplay

Avatar moemi_azrael

Moemi_azrael On 29/12/2008

fui fui fui fui woww very beatifull n_n

Avatar evaguerra

Evaguerra On 29/12/2008

Happy Holidays Yaya an Brian!! (L)

Avatar plonch

Plonch On 29/12/2008

You look gorgeous as always.
Wish you had a happy christmas and hope the next year will be greater than this =).
Here in Monterrey everything is OK.


Avatar alyu

Alyu On 29/12/2008

wow, this costume is cutie!!! *O*

I wish you a happy new year!!!!

I hope to see you again in mexico


Avatar elvagodevoz

Elvagodevoz On 29/12/2008


Merry xmas haha and

Happy new year

Tato el MagO_Otaku was here

Avatar h_sama

H_sama On 29/12/2008

wuaaaah did you sewn this corset as well???

gorgeous. i'm trying to buy some chinese brocade on net to some of my projects

*happy new year

Avatar metal_maki

Metal_maki On 29/12/2008

they deffinately rule! I wish I was as creative as you, I totally dig the style!

Avatar robbie_v

Robbie_v On 29/12/2008


Avatar laurabuu

Laurabuu On 29/12/2008

You are looking great Yaya!
Green suits you so well.

I wont acess the internet anymore this year, so have a great new year eve darling! The best for you during 09!

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