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Steampunk with Danny Ashby

This is a new trend that has hit the convention scene in the USA - steampunk! My friend Danny and his crew from Outland Armour got me into this, and I made a Steampunk Madam costume for a convention in September and did a shoot with him there.
Check out Danny's DeviantArt for more Steampunk goodies!

On December 23 2008 499 Views

Avatar mpd_psycho

Mpd_psycho On 28/12/2008

so beautiful costumes

Avatar luciernaga_nyx

Luciernaga_nyx On 24/12/2008

I just LOOOOVE steampunk!!! its so intricate and detailed... and pretty!!!

you look awesome and your friend its perfect.

Merry christmas from Chile ^^

Avatar onigirikissu

Onigirikissu On 24/12/2008

Merry Christmas Yaya!!!!
I hope you have a super joyful Christmas!!!!!

- Clau
(from Monterrey)

Avatar alina_nh

Alina_nh On 24/12/2008

Merry Christmas dear Yaya!!

Have a wonderful day and my best regards from 2009!!!



Avatar kentaro_sama

Kentaro_sama On 24/12/2008

Hey yaya, how are you??

Wow, That steampunk cos looks really cool, both of them.

Merry X-mas ^_^

Avatar nekonep

Nekonep On 23/12/2008

Wow! Gorgeous! both are amazing, kisses for you!! you are great!!

Avatar iriya_ren

Iriya_ren On 23/12/2008

norable es
un muy buen coss

nus leemos

bye bye

feliz navidad


Avatar lovedontmegoo

Lovedontmegoo On 23/12/2008


Avatar evaguerra

Evaguerra On 23/12/2008

Steampunk!!! yeeei luv the Steampunk

Merry Xmas Yaya!!! (L)

Avatar laurabuu

Laurabuu On 23/12/2008

Steampunk?... DidnŽt know that yet!
Sure IŽm gonna take a closer look!

You too look lovely together.

Avatar prittyvps2

Prittyvps2 On 23/12/2008

i will check
it is too interesting.
and the light effect too
you are pretty as allways. nice green

Avatar neko_juanito

Neko_juanito On 23/12/2008

OMG, i know a about steampunk, itŽs so cool i want to make a steampunk costume in the near future

Nice costumes =^_^=

Avatar fshacklebolt

Fshacklebolt On 23/12/2008

Amazing *o*

I loved *___*


Avatar missarins

Missarins On 23/12/2008


Happy Xmas!!


Avatar mtidus

Mtidus On 23/12/2008

Really awesome cosplay you have in there.

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