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Christie - Dead or Alive 4

Catching up on updating costumes from my website! See the full gallery here:

I amuse myself every once in a while with a completely scary costume to tackle lol. I love the Dead or Alive games, the girls, and the cheeky fan service factor. Almost every character has a super skimpy or bondage outfit, and Christie is no exception. I never thought of cosplaying her actually, but after doing a bikini photoshoot in a white wig, an overwhelming number of friends and fans told me how much I reminded them of Christie and suggested her as a cosplay to me. Around that same time I was looking for thigh high boots for a different costume, and happened to find the perfect lace up boots with clear heels for this Christie costume! That really sealed the deal and I decided to do this version for Dragoncon 2008.

On December 19 2008 144 Views

Avatar laurabuu

Laurabuu On 20/12/2008

ItŽs always so fun to know how people come up with a new costume!

You sure look hot and just like Christie ;D

Avatar matadero5

Matadero5 On 20/12/2008

Helow Yaya!!!

you forgetme?


Avatar aft_wero

Aft_wero On 20/12/2008

wow yaya look,s great hey merry xmas!!!!

Avatar nekonep

Nekonep On 20/12/2008

wow!! i stole you!! you are amazing!! i love it!! n.n hugs!!

Avatar topo_xyz

Topo_xyz On 19/12/2008

very sexy!!
always beautiful


Avatar twins_cool

Twins_cool On 19/12/2008

yaya you remember me *o*i love you cosplayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Avatar lugami

Lugami On 19/12/2008

woow you look great, amaizing

always beautiful

Avatar niimu

Niimu On 19/12/2008

you are sexy

Avatar weird_photo

Weird_photo On 19/12/2008

Some costumes of DOA girls reminds me Heavy Metal magazine.
This one specially looks like a bad girl.

Avatar prittyvps2

Prittyvps2 On 19/12/2008

wow very sexy, i want to do this cosplay, but looking fotr you, i feel like i will just be vinnil in a body
allways sexy . love you. i am glad because one time in mi life i spoke with you personali. my diva ever

Avatar yune_kris

Yune_kris On 19/12/2008

You're perfect as Christie, Yaya!



Avatar v_tsukai

V_tsukai On 19/12/2008

youŽre so pretty!
and your cristie looks so sexie ;3

Avatar pakito_vampire

Pakito_vampire On 19/12/2008

n__n excelent Cosplay of Christie of Dead or Alive!!

Avatar lyli1

Lyli1 On 19/12/2008


I love Christie!!!

Avatar fshacklebolt

Fshacklebolt On 19/12/2008

It's amazing *O* ... Beautiful *o*... I loved *____*


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