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Avatar angelicstar

Brian and I in Monterrey

This was taken at the 33rd CJMC in Monterrey this November! Brian and I played Resident Evil through at least three times because we loved the game so much. But he never really thought about cosplaying Leon until I convinced him hahaha.
We chose the S.T.A.R.S uniform because it's a sexy design lol and because we can re-use parts of it for Leon's normal outfit.

We had a lot of fun cosplaying together!

On December 18 2008 811 Views

Avatar mereth_a_r_c

Mereth_a_r_c On 12/08/2009

solo para invitarte a pasar por mi fotolog

si eres otacu te interesara

y si puedes comentalo con tus amigos

para mas informacion:

[email protected]

my space:



Fiesta de anime rol y comics note la puedes perder

Avatar melina_cosplay

Melina_cosplay On 18/12/2008

Great Team! I love your costums! *o*
I'm your fan since the 2000, my first time when I check your webpage

Avatar candyperfume_gay

Candyperfume_gay On 18/12/2008

and I got the last comment!!! yei!!! aaw it's always a pleasure to see u 2!!!! I hope next time you came here u could bring ur Shampoo cosplay and I'll play Mousse!!


Avatar mr_vo

Mr_vo On 18/12/2008


we could not make it for guadalajara ;_____;

after monterrey my car was bronke down, transmision failure, so I could not make it the repairs on time to make the travel, actually I borrowed a SUV for the travel to Monterrey

Hope next chanse we wont have probelms to see u and Brian


Avatar dark_kats

Dark_kats On 18/12/2008

Oh! you are yaya! :D

i'm the girl who make the cosplay of catwoman in the 33rd CJMC

I wanted a photo with all of you~


Hugs, kisses and happy holidays!!! :D



Avatar tersa

Tersa On 18/12/2008

come back soon please!!!
send lots of kisses to both of yaa

Avatar yune_kris

Yune_kris On 18/12/2008


Both look perfect! OMG!

and he really look sooo sexy!

RE4 is very, very, veeeery good!


Avatar meer_campbell

Meer_campbell On 18/12/2008

MY freaking GOD

you look AWESOME as Ada Wong.... And this is not a classic "oh you're just awesome, add me to f/f! ^o^!!" kind of post or a back licking one. I'm talking seriously.
I can assure that you're the best Ada i've ever seen before.

I'm stull stunned. When i saw the thumbnail, i just opened your flog in the "let's pay Yaya a visit" and i found THIS. my god...
I just can't realize how much you resemble the character....


Avatar matadero5

Matadero5 On 18/12/2008


I take this Pict

Avatar matadero5

Matadero5 On 18/12/2008


I canŽt believe it, coool, I found your flog, a thousand hugs from monterrey!

Your bodyguard =P


Avatar nekonep

Nekonep On 18/12/2008

wow!! you are the best cosplayer have i seen ever!! i love you! greetings in this christmas, hugs and kisses!!

Avatar haruka_lacri

Haruka_lacri On 18/12/2008

hello you log is very good ..

Avatar misato_noir

Misato_noir On 18/12/2008

perfect Ada wong!!



Avatar fshacklebolt

Fshacklebolt On 18/12/2008

OH MY GOD ... Your cosplay is perfect! I'm impressed Yaya, as was beautiful, it was super good on you * O *

Kisses, and more kisses for you =***

Avatar elvagodevoz

Elvagodevoz On 18/12/2008

How these hehehe I hope you remember me ... I am the magician Tato Otaku ... Cosplay participate in the contest 33rd CJMC in Monterrey ... is not that I'm excited DESIR hahaha: P very cold here because T_T we have no other
I was very happy hello and see you again ... we are in contact ok and these in my ff hehe
And if you do not see it then, it passes a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with all your family and friends

See you soon

and forgive but my English is very bad

Tato el MagO_Otaku was here

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