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OK, the army of Leias!

OK, the army of Leias!

As promised (sorry, I forgot!), a group picture of Leias at Comic Con! This was for the filming of G4's Slave Leia talent show segment. I totally did NOT enter lol.

You can see a video of the show here, thanks to beautiful fellow Leia Athena007!

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Avatar leopard_femmee

Leopard_femmee On 04/11/2008

wow !! *o*
Yaya ypu look very good to Leia *w*
i love you!!:3
im ranko - rankosplay but i change my fotolog :D
i miss you! :( do you return to monterrey again?

Avatar soratarata

Soratarata On 31/10/2008

woooooooow XD!
a lot of Leias xD!

Avatar _costosas

_costosas On 12/09/2008


Avatar melina_cosplay

Melina_cosplay On 19/08/2008

you're beautifull! :D

Avatar lugami

Lugami On 18/08/2008

wow a lot of leias.... very pretty all of yours

Avatar neferet_ichigo

Neferet_ichigo On 18/08/2008

muy buena foto!!!!

ya mismo veo el video ^^


*Mew Ichigo*

Avatar listhebushi

Listhebushi On 18/08/2008

Yeah! Its the typicall photo! Very nice!! I would love to be between this ladies in a Leia suite, in front of Jabba ^^

Is there Amira (the bellydancer Leia)??

Avatar biradantas

Biradantas On 17/08/2008

Very nice pic!

Avatar aft_hatsudoll

Aft_hatsudoll On 16/08/2008

amaziiing! too many girls *O*
you look fantastic!
*hugs hugs*

Avatar patycosplay

Patycosplay On 16/08/2008

Wow! cooooooooooool!

Avatar snaga

Snaga On 16/08/2008

Jabba Rullez!!!

Avatar metalsnake18

Metalsnake18 On 16/08/2008





Avatar prittyvps1

Prittyvps1 On 16/08/2008

O.O wow. there are a lot,, one day, i hope, i will take corage and make this costume

Avatar hatchlinghunter

Hatchlinghunter On 16/08/2008

aww awsome girls! ^.^... the one in the right is a lil bit fat... oh wait, thats jaba o.O

Avatar aft_wero

Aft_wero On 16/08/2008

jaba.s harem!!

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