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Mermaid with Coconuts painted like Easter Eggs on Her

I used for background a familiar setting under reddauug (my other and first site) and added a great group of my most unusual photographs and a girl from my fb that hadn't no idea I did this picture.

She had shown patience beyond all my other friends photos and stuck with this face for a very long time.

Then the one friend that invited her -finally realizes what I have done and shows up with better images of herself. And I'm sure she's still upset she didn't get altered first.

But it really doesn't matter! I create to the heartbeat of their faces and by signs I find and see in mother nature's rain clouds.

So no two fashions are ever alike. I personally did four of her and picked the best out for here.

"I do that with every picture. I make several various creations and study one after another to create with more-so and then choose the best to show-off here. [and trust me. this is the first time I ever mentioned this] No one else knows this!

I never tell anyone ahead of time what I'm up to and that way, no one has a clue ahead of time. [Meanwhile there is a huge firm looking into all my fluctuations and studying my routine plans to realizing what I'm doing and they are working on other schematics for me on the side. So if you don't realize where I'm going with these digital exercises on a regular basis -you should get an idea shortly. This firm is putting out more plans in irregular-actions than is necessary for all commercialism and production internationally.]

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Avatar maruhluniita

Maruhluniita On 14/04/2014

qe tengas una hermosa semana♥

muchos muaaa

" ii siii.... fotolog vuelve a su camino" ♥

BeSo GrAnDe♥

la cayetina*

Avatar fragmentooss

Fragmentooss On 13/04/2014

Buen lunes.
Por suerte esta semana es corta.
Un abrazo.

Avatar goldensilence90

Goldensilence90 On 13/04/2014

Gracias a ti por cada visita y por tu afecto!

Un abrazo de domingo!!

Avatar jackito_gaete_7

Jackito_gaete_7 On 13/04/2014

de nada

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 13/04/2014

more will be going up on my site shortly in a little while. this style of mine utilizes a very strong erroneous exercise that emits like a person discovering what a magazine photo-shoot is for, for the very first time. this is how every firm sees it. conclusions show a stronger emphasis in the on going direction I'm headed. while only 1 - out of 300,000,000 individuals are picking this up every few hours. so no one has a clue where I'm headed or why I hold a camera at a skate park or any other location except for a few hundred firms and one big one.



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